CalendarX - A Plone Calendar

A customizable web calendar with event categories (metacalendar), and CMS features.

CalendarX is a calendar application for Plone ( sites, and can be skinned to use as a standalone calendar or for integration with other (non-Plone) websites. It requires the Plone CMS as a platform. We maintain a stable branch (bugfixes only) and a development branch (kept as nearly bugfree as possible), with tarball source releases and a CVS repository on Sourceforge.

These Sourceforge CalendarX pages detail the release documentation for both the current stable and development releases of CalendarX, and is updated with each release. There are also links to other important website resources for CalendarX listed below, including the CalendarX-users listserv, where community support is freely offered.

CalendarX Status


  1. STABLE! CalendarX Current Stable Branch Release Notes. 0.6.6(stable) 2006-01-03 Includes MANUAL (PDF), and all release notes.
  2. DEV!!! CalendarX Current Development Branch Release Notes. 0.5.3(dev) 2005-03-26 Includes all release notes.
  3. Download files for CalendarX at sourceforge:
  4. home page, with a Live Demo Calendar, Issue Tracker (for both Bugs and Suggestions) along with some HowTo documents, and maybe a forum coming soon:
  5. CalendarX-users listserv home Sign up for the listserv for community support, or browse the listserv archives.

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